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bowstickeron gold wrapped box 72dpi.jpg Bow Stickers, Holiday & Seasonal Items

They may look like real bows, but Bow Stickers are actually stickers!

Each year 38,000 miles of gift-wrapping ribbon and bows are throw in the trash and end up in landfills.  Bow Stickers can be recycled along with wrapping paper.

Bow Stickers, Bow & Tag in One - 30 Pack $9.95

#60130 Bow Stickers are 3-D stickers that look like real bows and tags!  It's a bow and a gift tag in one. They easily recycle along with wrapping paper. KEEPS POLY BOWS OUT OF LANDFILLS! You get 30 Bow Stickers!
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Bow Stickers, Bow & Tag in One - 50 Pack $11.95

#60150 Bow Stickers are flat, self-adhesive stickers that look and work like everyday bows. Because they’re made of paper, they can be recycled along with gift-wrapping paper, keeping tons of puffy bows out of our landfills. Use Bow Stickers on a box of candy or a bouquet of flowers!  It's a bow and a gift tag in one. Recycle Bow Stickers along with your wrapping paper.  You get 50 Bow Stickers! 
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Christmas Tree Needle Brush, Green $6.95

#92117 Christmas Tree Swiper Brush picks up dropped needles from under Christmas trees and wreaths. It's a handheld cleaning tool designed to pick up dead or browning needles. No need to haul out your bulky vacuum cleaner to keep your holiday house looking clean and bright. Christmas Tree Swiper Brush will also pick up crumbs, dirt, pet hair, even nuts and bolts off any surface. Easy to use-- even children can use Christmas Tree Swiper Brush. Just move the product back and forth over the dropped needles (fir, spruce, pine). Easy to empty--simply slide the lid open and drop the contents into a trash receptacle. 


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Fireplace DVD "Straight from the Hearth" $9.95

#12131 Straight from the Hearth is a 60 minute video of a beautiful fire in a fireplace. It sets your screen ablaze with dancing flames and crackling logs. For the person who has everything...except a fireplace!  Made in USA.

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$9.95 On Sale! $7.95
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