Chrome Banana Hook 72dpi.jpg
Gadjit Banana Hook (Chrome) New Color!

Gadjits Banana Hook is a plastic hook that adheres under a kitchen cabinet and holds a bunch of bananas while they ripen.

Mounts with Adhesive or Screws (included).

When not in use, it folds up out of sight.

It also works well for hanging dry herbs, peppers, grapes, and bags of garlic. And the chrome finish matches and reflects off kitchen appliances and fixtures.  Mounting Adhesive included. 

Keeping bananas on hand has its challenges.  A bunch of bananas is bulky and takes up counter space while they sit and wait to ripen or be eaten. Sitting also increases the chance of being bumped and bruised. But hanging bananas saves space, allows the bananas to ripen naturally, and prevents bruising. Your bananas will stay fresher, longer.  Reduces waste, too.




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